Pressure washers are great tools. Great for graffiti and gum removal, concrete stains, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots.

They are not great for washing a roof or siding. I’ll say that again: they can damage your siding and your roof. The biggest shingle manufacturers in America (CertainTeed, GAF, TAMKO, and Owen Corning) all state that physical agitation can damage your roof. High pressure will dislodge the granules on shingles and allow the moss, algae, and mildew to penetrate further into your home.

Think of it like cutting your grass. When you mow your lawn, you’re cutting off the top of the grass, but it grows right back. This is exactly how the harmful growth on your home or business works. A pressure washer just “cuts” the algae and lichen, meaning that it will grow right back.

we use pressures lower than 100 PSI on siding and roofs. To put that into perspective, the average bath shower is about 80 PSI

Here at American Wash Pros we use a solution primarily composed of Sodium Hypochlorite to permanently kill any kind of harmful growth that may be plaguing you; our solution destroys it and keeps it away for a very long time. No pressure is needed. Know what else is pretty great? Our mixtures are safe for the environment!

Don’t get me wrong, we love pressure washers. We use them as well, but normally not on siding and roofs.