Busy Tuesday! A house, a camper, a roof, oh my!

We’re off the the start of a great week! Today we knocked out a house, a camper, a fence, and a roof.

This house was infested with green algae, especially on this side which was very close to a nearby creek. Not to worry though, we washed it all off and it’s not growing back for quite a while! Using safe chemicals, we neutralized all the algae and made this home shine all without pressure washing!

Next up, we had a camper that hadn’t been washed since it was bought. It was stored under a tree which led to a lot of gunk, algae and mildew on the roof. Just like a house, we neutralized and washed all the algae off, making it look brand new!

That is one good looking camper!

Last but not least, we did a fairly dirty roof. The black streaks that you see on there is gloeocapsa magma, a form of cyanobacteria that can eat the organic material in shingles. In the picture below you can see it start to die and drain into the gutters after we sprayed on our solution.